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How To Create Link for WhatsApp Group

In this article we will show you how to create link of whatsapp Group


  1. Update Whatsapp app
  2. Open WhatsApp Group
  3. Click on Group Name
  4. Add Participant Option will show you Invite via Link
  5. Click on Invite Link
  6. And now you have to send this link to Jahan

WhatsApp Group Invite Link is a feature of WhatsApp that can be added to WhatsApp group with the help of just like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


All you have to do is send a Group Invite Link to your WhatsApp Group, create a WhatsApp Group Invite Link and share it.


Let’s see how we can create a Group Invite Link to any WhatsApp group and how to join WhatsApp Group Online.

Follow these steps to create a group invite link:

  1. Update WhatsApp first.

If you have any settings, you may need to update your WhatsApp first.

whatsapp link group

2. Now open the WhatsApp Group for anyone who has joined the WhatsApp Group.

We have to open the WhatsApp group that has created the Group Invite Link, then open the group.

whatsapp link group

3. Now click on the WhatsApp group name.
When we open the group, we have to click on the group name

whatsapp link group3

4. Now you will see the WhatsApp Group Invite Link option.
Here, if you want to see more, you will see the option of Group Invite Link at the very last click.

Whatsapp Invtaion link

5. Now click on this WhatsApp Group Link.
Invite your WhatsApp Group, here you will find the option to use copy, save and revoke along with the link.

click on whatsapp link

Now your WhatsApp Group Invite Link has been created.


How to Send Your Whatsapp Group link?

It is very easy to send, you can use the WhatsApp Group Link that has been generated, you can share it directly on your WhatsApp from here, or you can copy the WhatsApp Group Link and share it socially on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. can skate.


How to join WhatsApp group from WhatsApp group invite?

After creating the link, when you share it on your WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else, log in and open the link:


  • You have to click on whatsapp link.
  • Now you have to click on Join Group.
  • Now you have successfully added a link to whatsapp group.
  • This WhatsApp Group Join Online Trick will work for you.


Benefit invite Of whatsapp Group

If you have created a WhatsApp Group with the name of your blog or a company, and you have very few members in your WhatsApp Group, you can add more members by creating an invite link to your WhatsApp Group.

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