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How to Choose Focus Keyword

The Yoast SEO plugin gives you a focus keyphrase input field for each of your pages. Here you can enter a keyword or phrase to rank your page in Google. When you use keywords, Yoast SEO will check your content to find out which search engine will tell you what your content is about. In this post we will explain to you what Focus keyword is and also explain how to choose the right focus keyword.

how to search focus keyword

What is Focus Keyword?
Focus keyword or key phrase is the search term for which you want to rank your page or post. Whenever you search for a search term on a search engine, your post will appear in the SERP for that search term.

If you set the focus key phrase for your page with the help of Yoast SEO, then the plugin evaluates the content of your page and provides feedback to make your content better by ranking your page for that search term. .

You will find an input field for your focus keyword in the Yoast SEO meta box at the bottom of your post.

meta pharses keyword research

Or if you click the Just icon in the top right side of your screen, you can enter the Word focus in the Just Sidebar.


You will find feedback on how to improve your content in the SEO analysis tab. If you follow the given feedback, the content of your page will be easier for search engines to find out about your page.

Why focus again?

Regularly adding quality content to your site is the best SEO strategy. In this way Google sees that your site is active because new content has been added and the volume of your content is also increasing.

But randomly adding content to a site is not helpful. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

And when you write articles, it is important for you to optimize your content for the keywords you are targeting. And this is where Yoast SEO helps you.

How to Choose Focus keyphrase?

When choosing your focus keyphrase, keep in mind who you want to optimize keywords or key phrases for your blog post.

  • Finding a focus keyword you are looking for.
  • Do research on search volume
  • Google your keyword

So let’s elaborate on these steps one by one.

1. Find a focus keyword that you are looking

As we have already mentioned, your keyword strategy gives you some idea of ​​what you want to write about. If you do not have a password keyword strategy, you should create one.

A tool that will help you find keywords.

Yoest Seo Plugin will help you optimize the post for your chosen focus keyphrase. You can also find your focus keyphrase with the help of Google keyword planner. This is a free toolkit from Google that tells you keyphrase search volume, ranking difficulty etc.
You can also use the Yoast Suggest tool. This tool first uses data like Google Suggest to find another keyword and then expands the use. It works the way you type a search term into a Google search box.
The terms you find in the suggestion can be either a combination of words or a single word that is logical and the actual logo is used to search the web. This tool will help you to get the first idea about the search behavior of the logo of a particular area.
You can use Answer the publick to find out which particular topic the log asks about. This will give you a lot of inspiration for the new post.
Keep in mind that these search suggestions are always changing. This suggestion will be based on what you have searched for before.
A few days ago we searched for the term “focus keyword” to suggest output:

focus keyword search


The base problem of the People is healing, so it would be helpful to monitor it for important keywords.

2. Search Volume Keyphrase Research

Once you find a long-tail search term, you need to rank for it. If You have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.
With the help of Google Trends you will get some ideas in a creative way. Also, with the help of Google keyword planner, you can find the search volume.
Google Trends allows you to compare search volumes of two search terms at a time. This gives you an idea of the search volume of your search term.
Check your Already Ranked Post

If your Have is already ranked for the right terms, then you know that this post attracts a lot of visitors. With the help of Google Trends, if you compare the keyword phrase of your old post with the suggested keyword phrase for your new post, it will give you an idea of how much traffic your new keyword phrase will bring.
Choose your old post that is similar to your new post you are about to write. If you are going to choose a long-tail keyword, you should also check the psot with the use of long-tail keywords.
One of the best ways to handle this is to use Google Trends when you are using long-tail keywords. Because it will easily show you which search term has the highest search volume compared to others.
This will help you to know which long-tail keywords are being used more in search.

3. Google your keyword

After finding out who is using the search terms log, you also need to know if the ideas of your post or pages are meeting the requirements and expectations of a logo that is used in these search terms. karte hai.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it. What search results do you want when searching?

If you want to know if your content logo satisfies the search intent, then Google your proposed keywords.

Check Search Engine Result Pages


Take a moment to check the search engine result pages (SERPs). Now you have to compare your article with the one that appears in the search results. You need to see if your article fits in the search results.

The type of content shown in the search results will help you decide how to prepare your content.

Result Page Content

Make the content of the result page an inspiration for your blog post. You need to create content that is different from the content of the result page and your content is different.

You try to create content that forces your readers to click and share.

Check out Social Media and Forums

You can check on many social media and various online forums to see what the log is saying about this topic. It will provide you with a lot of information for your post or page.

You can directly address a logo here that has questions related to your topic or any difficulty. This will help you to use a word that you can easily reach your audience.

Do you want to all pages to be Focus keyphares?

Often the log wants to know if the focus keyword on the page or contact page is, and should be.

The answer is very simple. Not every page needs a focus keyword. Your contact page should be easily retrievable.

For example you may need to rank for “<company name> address”. It is not understood as a focus keyword, so we need to make it clear.

With this in mind, you need to rank your post for the long term. We don’t need to optimize temporary announcements like some post.

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